Here are some projects that I am either currently working on, or have worked on in the past.


The UK’s largest basketball website, attracting in excess of 25,000 unique visitors per month. Founded in 2010, Hoopsfix covers all aspects of British basketball from youth to senior level, both domestically and overseas, with news, videos, features and more.

Hoopsfix All Star Classic

A not-for-profit British basketball showcase launched in the summer of 2014. Now heading into its fourth year, it consists an Under-19 and Under-17 game, featuring the top 20 or so players in each generations from across the country. It has sold out in advance every year, has been featured in major publications, and continues to grow.

Viral Hoops

A side project launched to get out of the British basketball market and be able to produce content for a global basketball audience. Will do 20-40,000 unique visitors every month without any updates. Has had numerous posts go ‘viral’, including one that has received over 1.3million views. Also serves as a testing ground for strategies and tactics that I can then deploy across other web properties.


Originally built as an internal software tool for Hoopsfix to help us track British players playing abroad, I’m now in the process of trying to take it to market and validate the minimum viable product. Statmole will send email alerts whenever a player you are tracking plays a game, breaking down their stat line and turning it into an easily shareable tweet.

Back British Basketball

Off the back of my work with Hoopsfix, in April 2010 I was approached by an integrated advertising agency in central London Albion London to work on a project to promote the GB National teams in conjunction with British Performance Basketball. ‘Back British Basketball’ was launched at the end of June, and captivated the British basketball community. In a little over two months, the campaign achieved over 4000 subscribers across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), received over 60k upload views on Youtube, was featured in National and international newspapers and websites, got an interview slot on Channel 4 and was responsible for not only an awareness around Team GB that had never been seen before, but the loudest crowds ever seen at GB home games.

Fund British Basketball

In January 2013, I, along with Leicester Riders GM Russell Levenston, launched a grass roots campaign urging UK Sport to reconsider their decision to not allocate funding to British Basketball for the next Olympic cycle to 2016. ‘Fund British Basketball’, was a website with an accompanying petition on the official government website. The petition received almost 14,000 signatures and helped bring national attention to basketball’s plight.


I have a number of ongoing and more sporadic freelance contracts within the basketball space, including working with Basketball England on the EABL, WEABL and ABL, FIBA on the Basketball Champions League, and the British Basketball League (BBL) on video production research.

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